The loading of bicycles and electric bicycles has never been so easy...


All bicycles stand freely on their own tyres.
Each one is fixed safely in an own rail and with only one strap on a holder made of rubber or foam pad. Ready.

Short loading times

Making a journey becomes a piece of cake. Less than 30 minutes for completely loading and securing all bicycles. A 44- BIKELINER® is also unloaded within 15 minutes only. A real surplus for your holidays.


Accidental damage or broken down? We will help you! Upon demand by means of our 24-hours – on-site service. 24h-emergency-no. +49 99 53 - 980 95 45


Arrange your BIKELINER® according to your wishes. No matter if you like it with optical upvaluation, complete marking or with originally Bavarian folk festival set and a lot more. Each BIKELINER® is one of a kind according to your needs.

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